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I am PilcrowMicro

My name is Anthony, and I am an experienced Full Stack Developer based in Wellington, New Zealand. I am often asked which area of Web Development I prefer, and my answer is not a simple one. I enjoy working in all areas of the Web, whether it is the detail oriented and problem solving nature of the Back end, or the creative and visual Front end. Be it doing something I have done a thousand times before, or something brand new that I am learning, or something I am helping others to learn through mentorship, I live and breathe Web Development.

I have a history of working in a variety of environments from small to large scale. With a creative background, I bring a creative element to my code, which is evidenced most strongly in the lateral thinking I use with my approach to problem solving.

I have a history of working both in the front end, and back end, doing everything from creating real world versions of static PDF, PSD, or Fireworks PNG designs for clients, to building back end data structures and processes for handling, formatting, securing, and serving data.

I am a very fast learner, I usually only need to be told something once or twice in order to understand it, and am often able to assist others in the learning and understanding of difficult new concepts in a short amount of time.

I love to see others flourish and grow, and am generous with my time and knowledge to aid in their growth. I strongly believe in the power of teamwork and collaboration in order to create amazing things, and connect quite strongly with Agile principles. 

I thrive in a diverse and inclusive environments, where personal and professional growth and improvement are a way of life. This can be self driven or in a team, and I welcome any and all opportunities.


Professional Experience


Aider Logo
Aider International

Software Engineer
October 2022 - Present

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Contract Developer
December 2020

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Plus Front End Development
January 2021 - October 2022

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Basis Developments

Service Delivery Specialist
2015 - 2020

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Trio Technology

Web Developer
2011 - 2012

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Web Developer
2009 - 2010

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Impressions AV

2006 - 2009

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Fortune Theatre

2IC Technician
2006 - 2008

University of Otago

Bachelor of Music
2006 - 2009

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Hobbies / Interests


Woodworking, Joinery, Woodturning, Carpentry and Blacksmithing.

Board Games, Card Games, Video Games, RPG’s and Escape Rooms.

Music, Guitar, Singing, Bass, Bands and Performing.

Sewing, Knitting, Upholstery.

Performing and watching Stand-Up Comedy, Puns and Laughter.

Solving Puzzles, Brain Teasers, Problem Solving and Riddles.