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A symbol not so commonly used in today's world, but at the foundation of literary design from hand written ledgers, through the printing press. From there it transformed into use with text editors in modern computing and printing. A symbol that almost everyone has seen, many perhaps not knowing the history, or how this simple symbol has helped to shape the world we live in.



A more understood symbol denoting the small; the detailed; relating to the underlying structure of life, leading towards where the future is taking us. Towards smaller and smaller technology and precision.



It is when these two seemingly disparate symbols are united, we can see the underlying foundation for the world as we know it, the creative design, through structure and painstaking accuracy, to form something that is not appreciated because of who made it, but is appreciated for being what it is. This is what I strive to achieve with my work. Something that can exist on it’s own, and all who see it know it and enjoy it.


I have created many things, whether web apps, games or tools. View my Portfolio to see what I can do.

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