Melon Pickle



A local baker needed a website to display her cakes and desserts. I had the pleasure of making her this small site.

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HortPlus builds Weather & Disease Platforms for Agriculture, and they needed my help to develop an internal system for the managing of a new form of data. I was able to put together an effective solution for them.

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A browser based app that uses Geolocation, to enable users to explore the wilds and encounter New Zealand Native Birds.

Explore Nature Today
Joke Me Daddy

A dad joke generator and randomiser. Submit your favourite jokes to the list, and watch the mayhem as Setups and Punchlines are mixed and matched with the joke randomizer.

Find Hilarity Inside
Show Me The Money

An app developed for an employer extremely interested in tracking the costs of meetings to the company. This tool allows you to register meeting participants, and provides a to the second cost counter based on salaries.

Track Meeting Costs Now
Vue Project

This is a small utility built using Vue and Express with Node.js. A simple demonstration of using Vue.js.

Track Your Cars

Games and Tools


Since the dawn of time, man has needed to count. And so I created this retro styled calculator using Vanilla JavaScript to do all you need a basic calculator to do.

You can count on it
Colour Swatch

As a developer I am constantly needing to find a colour quick. So I built this colour swatch app, which turns your screen into a rainbow where you can find the colour you desire.

Find Your Colour

This is a simple app which demonstrates mouse interactivity in React. Hover over the circle and create more circles. Hover over those circles and make even more. It is very easy to spend much longer than expected trying to fill it all in.

How Deep Can You Go?

My take on the original Minesweeper game from Microsoft. Built as a challenge using only Vanilla JavaScript.

Minefield Ahead
DVD Screensaver

Everybody's favourite screensaver, which we all watched for longer than we would like to admit, waiting, hoping, desperate for the icon to reach the corner. Now with DVD players few and far between, you can still get your fix here.

Will You Meet the Corner?
RGB Colour Game

A fun game where you are presented an RGB colour code, and must find the correct colour.

Do You Know Colour?
Patatap Clone

Inspired by the original Patatap I wanted to try making a simple clone using vanilla JavaScript.

Patterns and Music?
XKCD Clone

Having enjoyed XKCD comics for a long time, but wanting a simpler interface I made my own front end using React and the XKCD API.

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